Creating A Hybrid, O365
Based Environment for
CALA Homes

CALA Homes build premium properties throughout Scotland, the Midlands and the South East of England and take great pride in not just their product, but also in the outstanding levels of service they provide to homebuyers.

CALA Homes were embarking on a transformation programme to extend and compliment their current on-premises servers into the MS Azure cloud, to leverage MS Office365 and to seamlessly integrate this into the Modern Workplace environment. The main focus for this programme was to better support and improve the experience for remote workers.

With over 1,200 users, 2 main sites, 9 remote sites and many remote workers, this was a significant transition and CALA sought a trusted partner who could both design the end-state solution, and support both the IT team and end-users through the transition.

Read our case study and discover how NAK created a hybrid, O365-based environment to respond to CALA’s very specific needs.