Increasing Agility, Performance & Security With SD-Branch

The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and SaaS applications, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and guest Wi-Fi are all exponentially adding complexity to the branch IT infrastructure, whether that be in a retail outlet, a restaurant, a café, or a regional office. IT teams are under significant pressure to deliver the best possible experience at every location, while at the same time rise to the challenge of moving at speed and maintaining and securing a now very complex environment.

Whereas the IT needs of the remote location have changed significantly over recent years, the fundamental architectural topology has not, and this is creating unacceptable security risk, unmanageable IT workloads and an inability to move at the pace required by the business.

SD-Branch is the concept of redefining the network edge in the branch and providing that single pane of glass onto your branch infrastructure. It enables you to connect your end-to-end network, optimise branch connectivity, perform zerotouch provisioning, and provide your centralised teams with greater visibility and control of your distributed environment.

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