Webcast: Is Deep Learning the Answer To Malware & Ransomware?

Malware and Ransomware continue to be an increasing threat to every organisation. In this fast-paced webcast, NAK’s lead consultant Afsar Chaudhury will be joined by Deep Instinct to explain how deep learning is proving to be the most effective line of defence.

During this 30-minute webcast, we will walk you through:

  • What are the risks organisations face as the network edge expands and malware becomes more sophisticated and persistent.
  • What are the layers of protection organisations should have in place to reduce risk.
  • What is Deep Learning and how is it transforming malware detection and prevention.
  • Short demonstration of Deep Instinct’s Deep Learning in action.
  • Questions & Answers on Malware & Ransomware prevention.

This is the perfect opportunity for security and IT professionals to quickly get up to speed on what is possible and how cyber security is evolving.

Watch the recording