Network Performance, Reliability & Scalability

Securing & Connecting Remote Locations

Your network is critical to your business. It connects end users to the systems and data they need to be effective and links every part of your organisation to your customers. Downtime has a significant impact and performance issues are detrimental to productivity.

As your IT infrastructure has evolved, it places new demands on your network. The result is an increase in the number of issues, unreliability, and growing concerns from end-users.

Lack of visibility into the performance of your network makes it  challenging to identify the root cause of any issues. This is where NAK can help: By assessing your network in line with your current and future business needs, we identify areas of misalignment and provide guidance on how best to address them in order to deliver the performance, reliability and agility you need.

How We Help

Network Assessment

We are experts in networking. We take the time to understand what your business requires from its core-to-edge network and leverage industry-leading tools to assess the alignment and configuration of your network.

Network Optimisation

In many instances, we quickly discover the root cause of performance and reliability issues is the optimisation of your current infrastructure; we assist your team in addressing these issues to achieve what you need.


For organisations with a branch network, we can help you assess the value of embracing SD-WAN to optimise and intelligently route traffic to central locations or directly to the internet and cloud applications.

Lifecycle Management

Within your network, you are likely to have legacy components and even end-of-life appliances that are holding you back. We provide you with the visibility of every component and help you to manage the lifecycle of your network.

Centralised Management

Adopting cloud management tools to configure, monitor and manage remote infrastructure enables you to centralise your expertise, gaining greater efficiencies while at the same time providing a more effective and responsive service to your branches.

Secure Managed Network Services

We provide a range of managed services to proactively monitor and optimise your network infrastructure. This enables issues to be identified and addressed before they become business-affecting.

NAK Network Assessment

We offer a comprehensive Network Assessment that reviews every part of your infrastructure. Our aim is to understand your business needs and then drill down on your current network topology and performance to understand the root cause of issues and identify where your network is mis-aligned to your business needs.

Expertise & Experience To Guide You

At NAK, we have extensive experience and specialist expertise in designing, deploying and managing core-to-edge networks that deliver on the needs of our clients.

We are able to take a pragmatic approach to understand your network, how this is performing and its alignment to current and future requirements. We quickly understand the root cause of performance issues and identify potential areas where your network is holding you back.

We aim to be your trusted advisor, simplifying the complex and providing you with the visibility you desperately need into your network and a clear roadmap of how you evolve, optimise and manage its performance.

Want To Discuss Your Challenge?

We appreciate that every organisation is different and so too are the challenges they face. This is why the best approach is to talk. We are more than happy to connect you with one of our specialists to discuss your concerns and explore how NAK can help you to better understand and align your network.

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