Reducing WAN Costs

Reducing WAN Costs, Improving WAN Performance

It is natural to think that reducing costs and improving performance is mutually exclusive, but in the case of WAN, it is not.

You are likely to have in place a WAN topology that is no longer fully aligned to the needs of your business. Much of the traffic you are backhauling to a central point is destined for the web and, in effect, you are paying for links in your WAN that are not required.

As experts in SD-WAN and connectivity, we can help you understand your WAN usage and then embrace SDN to optimise the use of fixed circuits and local breakout in order to reduce costs, increase resilience, and improve end-user experience.

How We Help

WAN Assessment

We can quickly help you to understand the traffic passing over your WAN identifying both the source and destination of this traffic. This enables you to assess your WAN performance, optimise this, and evaluate the benefits of moving to SD-WAN.


We are experts in SD-WAN and can help you to select the most appropriate solution and to design, deploy, manage and optimise this for your specific requirements and network demands.


We understand all of the options available to organisations for connectivity and have done the cost/performance analysis. We can help advise you on your options and help you to gain performance and resilience while reducing costs.

Branch Infrastructure

Our experience of managing distributed environments allows us to simplify your branch infrastructure. We do this through a standardised and modular approach that better enables effective centralised management.

Secured Networking

Following the principles of SASE we are able to secure your network from core to edge, utilising the relevant components to control access, apply policy across your end-to-end network, and create a zero-trust environment.

Best Practice Guide To SD-WAN

Our Best Practice Guide to SD-WAN outlines how the IT landscape has changed and why this is driving organisations to re-imagine the corporate WAN. It outlines what SD-WAN delivers and the benefits that you can expect.

We also explain the options available to you and how NAK can assist you on your journey.

Our Value And Expertise In WAN & SD-WAN

NAK’s core expertise is in secure managed networks and the WAN is a vital part of this. We support many clients who have complexly distributed organisations consisting of many branches, restaurants and retail outlets that all need to be securely and cost effectively connected to central systems.

Our holistic approach allows us to understand your unique business needs, what is important to you, and help you align and enhance your solution against these requirements.

We can help you assess you current environment, identifying gaps and vulnerabilities, and work with you to reduce legacy connectivity costs, deliver a more responsive experience to end-users, and ensure that every aspect of your network is protected.

Let’s Explore How We Can Help You

Whichever stage you are at with the evolution of your Wide Area Network, it would be good to chat and explore how we can help. Our team is happy to outline what is possible and share with you how we are helping similar organisations.

Simply complete the form and one of our team will contact you.