Connecting & Securing
Home Workers

Securing Your Home Workers

You have gone from some of your people working at home some of the time, to many people working from home most of the time. This requires a new approach to securing access and the devices of home workers.

Your network, that was built on trust with a clearly defined perimeter, has now become boundary-less, and you should be adopting a zero-trust environment that secures your network on policy driven secure access management.

How you secure end-user devices that never come into the office, or may not even be owned by you, requires a different approach. Your organisation must adopt the principles of SASE to monitor, manage and secure you network from the new edge to the core.

How We Help

Nak - access

Secure Access Management

We can help you adopt a zero-trust approach across your network, leveraging secure access management, to ensure the right people get access to the right things, from the right location at the right time.

Nak - firewall

Next-Generation Firewalls

Helping you to adopt cloud-based next generation firewalls to protect your network and secure your core from the increasing volume and sophistication of malicious attacks.

Nak - backup

Cloud Migration

We help you to leverage private and public clouds to better support a distributed workforce from migrating business-critical applications, to adopting services such as cloud back-up.

Nak - cloud

Secure Cloud

Ensuring that your end-users have secure access to cloud based resources and SaaS applications by securing their connectivity and protecting them from malicious sites and hosts.

Nak - lifecycle

End-Point Monitoring & Patching

Providing you with visibility of all the devices connected to your network, understanding their security posture and ensuring that they are fully patched against potential vulnerabilities.


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The Value We Bring To Securing Home Workers

We are specialists in secure managed networks, and to us this extends beyond the natural perimeter of the organisation, to each and every employee connected from wherever they are.

At NAK we are leading the way of applying SASE principles to securing the extended network, and can help you to put in place the core components to connect and protect you network from core to edge.

We work with you to understand the ever-changing demands on your IT infrastructure and help you build a roadmap that creates a zero-trust environment, seamlessly connected and protected, we then guide you through this journey assisting you on the optimisation and management of your environment.

Let’s Talk Home Workers

The challenges of securing and connecting home workers is not likely to go away and some of those temporary fixes need to become permanent solutions. We will be more than happy to walk you through our thoughts on SASE and how we are helping other organisations to optimise and protect their extended network.

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