Managing Security Risk

Managing & Reducing Network Security Risk

You invest heavily in securing your network, yet it only takes one vulnerability to expose your business to the risk of a cyber security breach. Your challenge is a lack of visibility and an evolving IT infrastructure exposing you to more risks every day.

At NAK, we understand the network, connectivity and the risk associated with moving to the cloud. We help our clients to fully understand the potential threats they face and take a holistic approach to securing their environment that combines greater visibility, embraces the zero-trust approach, and protects every part of the new hybrid environment.

We help you assess your risk profile, identify the potential areas of vulnerability and to put in place the appropriate level of cyber security to reduce this risk, providing you with the visibility you need and the ability to identify, isolate and remediate attacks.

How We Help

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Security Assessment

We apply our expertise and experience to assess your environment in line with your risk profile to provide you the visibility you need as to how secure your network is and the appropriate steps to take.


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Zero-Trust Network

We help you adopt a zero-trust network that enables you to operate a secure hybrid environment. We assist you in defining your security policies and then applying these across every part of your infrastructure.

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Next Generation Firewalls

We partner with the industry-leading next generation firewall vendors and can help you to deploy physical and virtual firewalls to protect key entry points to your network both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Secure Access Management

With hybrid and remote working, protecting end-user access is key. We help you deploy secure access management to put greater controls over which users, in which locations, using what devices can access your core systems and data.

IT Gains

Patch Management

We help you to gain greater visibility into your IT Infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities and assist you in ensuring meticulous patch management to reduce potential risk.


Proactive Security Monitoring

We provide a range of secure network-managed services to proactively monitor your environment for potential security breaches. We leverage your network as a sensor quickly identifying, isolating and remediating abnormal activity.

NAK Security Assessment

We offer a comprehensive Security Assessment that holistically reviews your risk profile and identifies areas of vulnerability across your network. This enables us to not only identify current potential breaches, but also highlight those areas of weakness that need to be addressed.

Taking A Holistic Approach To Security

At NAK, we understand the challenges of securing the network particularly in distributed organisations with hybrid infrastructures. We embrace the SASE approach to creating a secure network edge and helping our clients adopt a zero-trust network to reduce risk.

Our Security Assessment can help you gain that visibility into your security posture, better understanding the risks you face and the vulnerabilities that exist.

We work with you to define the security roadmap that provides you with the operational visibility you need, the holistic foundation to reduce risk and the agility to keep one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

Let’s Talk Security

Whether you have had a recent audit that has identified vulnerabilities or just the lack of visibility is causing concern, we can help you to address your security needs. We would be more than happy to connect you to one of our security specialists to discuss your challenges and share how we are helping similar organisations.

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